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Flow Forms Exhibition

Artworks by Mae-Wan Ho

ISISart Exhibition In Aid of the Homeless

See the exhibition here

To be water is to be freely flowing and spontaneous; to let go, to be out of control and uncontrollable. That has been my ideal of life for as long as I can remember.

When I discovered and finally truly understood that water is central to life, my exhilaration and joy was unbounded. Like a fish on a long tortuous journey from a desiccated pond suddenly coming upon a vast flowing river, I plunged into the depths, then leapt and soared into the air, my heart bursting with gladness so bountiful it would fill the entire universe.

I began to paint again, after a lapse of several years, as I had never painted before, to express the feeling of being in water and being water.

But free flow was still beyond my reach. Was I failing to let go?

While recovering from a serious illness in the past 6 months, I struggled once more to find the flow that would really heal me. The flow belongs to that state of effortless total (quantum) coherence of heart and mind, body and spirit, ultimately with the whole universe.

The breakthrough came early in November, and it got better. I learned to respect the different colours, their compatibilities, their flow characteristics, and how to provide sufficient water for the flow to happen. I had failed to give the same free rein to my partners in creation as I accorded to myself, simply by not knowing them enough, thereby inadvertently constraining them. There’s a deeper lesson here for life itself.

This is a selection of works all done in November 2015, each completed in ‘one breadth, one gesture’ while the paper is still wet and without retouching afterwards. 

Proceeds from sales from this and other ISISart exhibitions (50 to 100 % minus the cost of post and packaging) will be donated to the homeless this winter season.

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Todd Millions Comment left 19th November 2015 18:06:48
"Both Form & Substance" Water-never gives up. I try to arrage to check myself in with a Vet I trust as a -'75kilo primate'. Unlike doctors,vets only expect to be paid when the patient recovers.The food tends to be better at their clinic as well. Take Care.

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