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Flower power Exhibition

Artworks by Kathy Haffegee | Mae-Wan Ho | Li Poon | Rosemary Mason

Flower Stories - Kathy Haffegee


Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - In the SummertimeKathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - In the Summertime 2Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Water LilyKathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Lush
Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Autumn GloryKathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Every Plant Tells a StoryKathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Blue Dahlia 1Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Blue Dahlia 2
Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Seed HeadKathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Scorched EarthKathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Sumptuous Seed HeadsKathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Fallen Leaf
Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Cone FlowersKathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - In the Night Garden 1Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - In the Night Garden 2Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Poppy Polka
Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Midsummer 1Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Midsummer 2Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Cottage GardenKathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Ellies Garden
Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Meadow Study 2Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Meadow Study 3Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Meadow StudyKathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Summer Breeze
Kathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - BouquetKathy Haffegee - Flower Stories - Cardinal Richelieu

Water Flowers - Mae-Wan Ho


Mae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Bouquet of RosesMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Tiger LilyMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Sea FlowersMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Hanging Blossoms
Mae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Walk Me down the Garden PathMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Desert FlowersMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Wild Floral TributeMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Exotica
Mae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - MayflyMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Petals on My FaceMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - BeeMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Pollination
Mae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - PeoniesMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Missing YouMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - In MemoriumMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Spirit of Flowers
Mae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Jam SessionMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Small Flowers for SaleMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - One Hundred Flowers BloomingMae-Wan Ho - Water Flowers - Snake Nebula of the Flowers

Cosmic Flowers - Li Poon


Li Poon - Cosmic Flowers - By the PondLi Poon - Cosmic Flowers - Dream BlossomsLi Poon - Cosmic Flowers - Embryo Floating with FlowersLi Poon - Cosmic Flowers - Floral Fantasy
Li Poon - Cosmic Flowers - FlorescenceLi Poon - Cosmic Flowers - Flourescent GardenLi Poon - Cosmic Flowers - Flowers among the StarsLi Poon - Cosmic Flowers - Flowers in the Clouds
Li Poon - Cosmic Flowers - Morning BlossomsLi Poon - Cosmic Flowers - To the Water Lily

Lost Flowers - Rosemary Mason


Rosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Bombus terrestris (buff-tailed bumblebee) emerging from crocus covered in pollenRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Bombus lapidarius (red-tailed bumblebee queen with a male on her back like a rucksack; probably after mating and she has forgotten that he is there)Rosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Red admiral nectaring on Mahonia japonicaRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Large Skipper feeding on bramble blossom
Rosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Brimstone butterfly nectaring on a perennial InulaRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Meadow Brown feeding on Field ScabiousRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Female Common Blue on Yellow FlagRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Immature female Speckled Bush Cricket sampling pollen from Large Bindweed
Rosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Immature female Speckled Brimstone butterfly pollinating a runner bean flowerRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Bombus hortorum (Garden Bumblebee) queen on TeaselRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Bombus lucorum on Mahonia japonicaRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Unidentified species on Field Scabious
Rosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Bombus terrestris on Greater KnapweedRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Red Admiral on SedumRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Bombus pascuorum (Common Carder Bee) with a long tongue entering Chelone obliqua (Turtlehead)Rosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Elephant Hawkmoth on Honeysuckle
Rosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Meadow edge with Field Poppies, Cornflower and Corn MarigoldRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Two Red-tailed Bumblebee queens sharing a Scotch ThistleRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Gatekeeper (Hedge Brown) on MarjoramRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Broad Bodied Chaser on Yellow Flag
Rosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Great Yellow Bumblebee (Orkney) on Red CloverRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Golden-Ringed Dragonfly on Marsh Woundwort on edge of pondRosemary Mason - Lost Flowers - Silver Y - a day-flying migratory moth on honeysuckle

There are 4 comments on this article so far. Add your comment
Sue Edwards Comment left 16th December 2014 20:08:22
What a beautiful collection of 'flowers and their settings and friends'. I will get them into my desktop to keep inspiring me!
Eric McArthur Comment left 19th December 2014 07:07:04
A truly wonderful comment on the beauty of nature, which many look at but never really see!
Allison Wilson Comment left 9th January 2015 06:06:41
Thank you for sharing this beautiful and important artwork with the world.
Pamela Dillon Comment left 28th October 2015 15:03:23
Thank you for sharing. The color of nature changes with rain. Sometimes seems to exaggerate the colors. I am thinking the same for vertebrates as water enlivens all cells into their perfection. Nature is perfect! Thank you for sharing this wonderful artwork. Having studied honey bees for 8 years, I was also enlivened by the photography of flowers and their friends.

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